Why do you need digital signage?

Digital signage can be used to provide public information, transmit internal communication, or share product information to improve customer service, promotions and brand recognition. It has been proven around the world that digital signage attracts more viewers, improves productivity and maximizes the potential of any revenue generating opportunity. Colorful and dynamic, it brings products and services to life, offering fresh and up-to-date content that is also usually contextually relevant.

Digital signage

offers a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

Companies can ensure consistent communication across offices by placing digital signs in high-traffic areas. In addition, digital signage can display employee achievements for recognition and improve motivation in the workplace. By presenting outstanding employee stories or birthday messages, companies can make employees feel appreciated and valued. As a result, digital signage can play an important role in improving internal communication.

Digital signage also allows consumers to focus on relevant products. Fortunately, digital signage will help you retain customers by displaying personalized content. David Bawarsky, an authority in the technology community, says that 19% of people admitted to making an unplanned purchase due to digital signage. If you add these unplanned purchases with the effect of digital signage on the purchase price, it's easy to see the great benefit that digital signage can bring to businesses.

As with other forms of technology, the benefits of digital signage continue to increase year by year. By reducing the need to print posters, flyers, menus and other promotional materials, digital signage saves paper and ink and thus reduces your carbon footprint. At a time when consumers no longer respond to print ads and the cost of customer acquisition is increasingly expensive, here are five advantages of digital signage displays that can increase your customer base. Digital signage can also be used to transmit videos about products and services to drive the overall brand message.

Attract customers' attention and help them hang out with the latest in entertainment and information and entertainment, while displaying specific promotional messages using multi-zone digital signage templates. Another benefit of digital signage is that technologies can add social media content, display RSS feeds and weather updates while announcing products and services. Similarly, healthcare institutions can implement a digital directory to help patients find rooms and doctors. A new generation of interactive digital signage allows your environment to be based on the value of a physical location and, at the same time, adds the digital interactions that customers seek.

While the CapEx of digital signage may be higher than that of printing a brochure, significant cost savings occur over time. Digital signage is the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, making your physical location an extension of the digital environment that people are used to. The benefits of digital signage, or as it is also commonly referred to, visual communications, are that it can create an immersive consumer experience, increasing opportunities for cross-selling, upselling and impulse buying by quickly adapting and implementing engaging content when and where it matters most. Learn more about the timeline, project details and results of the digital signage solution that helped transform a major California bank.

Your messages can be segmented and updated periodically to adapt them to specific times, days or events, and to the places where digital signage screens are installed. .

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