What do you need for digital signage?

Digital Signage Software Requirements Show your content perfectly. The screen is the core of a digital signage system. Next, your digital signage system should include a media player that delivers the content to the digital screen, allowing for easy content management. Whenever possible, the images and videos you share on your digital signage should be 1920 wide by 1080 pixels high.

If you're creating a digital display as described above, you can have a computer and monitor solution that's very basic. Your monitor can be the screen, the computer can run a digital signage playback application and the content management system. You can make it even easier by setting up a slideshow with your computer's photo or presentation application. This device is quite expensive, but it's the best solution if you want a reliable device to power up to four screens with up to 4K resolution for digital signage.

MacOS is a good option if you only need to turn on up to two screens and you prefer the Apple user interface, since it can be used for other tasks besides digital signage. You can get open-source digital signage content management platforms that allow you to do so, either with content stored on an SD card or on your mini-computer drive, or stored in the cloud. This media player has 2 GB of DDR4 memory, ideal for digital signage and is seen in the most powerful Android boxes. When implementing digital signage devices, aspects such as size, format, housing and mounting bracket come into play.

Price is an obvious factor to consider when trying to find digital signage devices that fit your needs and, at the same time, your budget. We analyzed more than 250 multimedia devices from several major manufacturers to determine which are best suited for digital signage and why. The mounting options are also limited, since they don't need to be hidden behind a screen like other digital signage devices. We hope this will help you make a more informed decision when it comes to selecting your media player and to have the right hardware to effectively communicate and capture the attention of your audience through your digital signage.

Using a zoned digital signage screen can be a great way to maximize screen space and display multiple contents at once. While the process of combining it all may seem confusing, tedious, or difficult, installing digital signage can be a breeze. For example, a digital display can be a single display panel or it can be a video wall that extends from floor to ceiling.

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