What are the benefits of digital signage?

One of the most touted benefits of digital signage is in retail applications, but the customer experience doesn't have to be in a store. Providing immediate access to frequently asked questions and general information on screens helps employees and customers save.

Digital signage

reduces perceived waiting time at checkout by up to 35%. Adding queue data further reduces perceived wait time, and digital signs can also function as an entertainment medium, with video and television broadcasts or interactive games.

You can turn your screens into a revenue generator by encouraging point-of-sale purchases and impulse purchases. Retailers that use point-of-sale screens see a 20% increase in unplanned purchases (and that goes up to 80% in food stores). Even adding a single screen can increase average sales revenue by almost 5%. Studies show that digital signage increases brand awareness by more.

A central content manager powers all your communications for any number of signs in any number of locations: part of a building, an entire building, several buildings on a campus, or many buildings in different cities and even countries. Maintain a cohesive brand by combining your screen designs with websites, social media, and any printed materials you continue to use. You can maintain standards with simple digital signage templates that any approved collaborator can use to create messages that are always related to the brand. Don't Overlook the Security Benefits of Digital Signage.

Workplaces that use digital signs report 48% fewer safety incidents and a 20% reduction in work injuries. Display workplace safety reminders and tips, the number of days without incidents, and encourage regular training on screens placed throughout your facilities. You can also use digital signals as part of your emergency alert system, which triggers messages that cancel playlists to display alerts and instructions on screens. Over 150 data sources to maintain the attractiveness of digital signage displays.

Over 150 FAQs, Tutorials, and Self-Learning Articles. Studies show that 19% of in-store shoppers make impulse purchases thanks to digital signage. Digital signage is a sustainable means of communication. In fact, these solutions can replace a significant percentage of paper communication inside and outside your organization.

For example, to produce 500 kg of paper you need about nine trees and about 13,000 liters of water. The use of digital signage accelerates environmental conservation. People are forced to stop and read digital signage to see what is being communicated. The use of videos, animations and vibrant colors in digital signage has been found to increase in-store traffic by approximately 24%.

Therefore, more customers mean more sales. Unlike traditional signs and advertisements, digital signage is updated quickly and easily. Because it's easy to update, you can regularly change your screen with new, relevant content. It has been demonstrated around the world that digital signage attracts more viewers, improves productivity and maximizes the potential of any revenue generating opportunity.

Colorful and dynamic, it brings products and services to life, offering fresh and up-to-date content that is also usually contextually relevant. The power of digital signage to capture attention and entertain the audience is one of its best-known applications. To learn more about Signagelive solutions and to discuss your digital signage requirements, contact us. One of those trends that is experiencing steady growth is the use of digital screens to replace traditional signage in stores.

You can attract a wider audience by using the benefits of digital signage and find use not only in marketing, but also in wider business areas. By replacing printed communications with digital signs, you'll save associated costs and the waste of paper, ink and recycling. Equally important, you can display your products and services to keep them browsing or use interactive digital signage to physically interact with you for longer periods of time. If you think brand awareness is half the battle when it comes to promoting your business, then using digital signage means you're already winning.

For example, customers can scan QR codes on digital signage screens to enter and exit retail stores, hotels and restaurants. When you're ready, we'll help you with every aspect of your digital signage plan, from buying the right equipment to expert commercial audiovisual installation. Or add a “People's Choice” label to your highest-value products in a browsable digital product catalog. Today, companies can create the ideal solution for each of their physical environments, using the benefits of digital signage that make the most sense for their unique needs, and avoiding others that would have no impact.

To maximize the eye-catching effects of digital signage, make sure to publish unique, engaging, and entertaining content. Nowadays, most business owners use digital signage displays to give them an advantage over their competitors. Since many consumers are used to accessing information on screens of all sizes, it makes sense to add the digital dimension to their space. Digital signage widgets can extract data for your screens from various business systems you already use, such as SharePoint, Excel and calendar systems, so that all your workflows are simplified and unified.

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