How much do church led signs cost?

A two-sided sign will nearly double the cost of the purchase price and installation, but it may be worth it for the greater opportunity for participation. The width of your sign with the current logo will be a factor that will contribute to the width of your LED screen order. You can also design a vibrant LED logo and a church sign, and place your digital display underneath. Numerous people have told me that they read the sign constantly and appreciate the various messages that are put on the sign.

For example, if you love your current carved or painted church sign, you can place it above or below your new digital sign. Digital church sign, LED church sign, double sided, 6 mm outdoor, 25 x 75, programmable LED sign made for outdoor digital signage. The conclusion was surprising: a bright, easy-to-read sign can generate between 15 and 45% of your company's total revenue. While electrical components will be placed closer to the floor, accessing the sign for annual cleaning and maintenance will be complicated.

I get phone calls, but mostly emails from potential customers who are testing the water to see if an LED sign is affordable for their church, school or business. Your church's new outdoor LED sign will prove to be the smartest investment your congregation can make. When planning your investment in LED signs, you need to ensure that you're well-informed and ready to move forward. Since you already have the frame and assembly, the average cost of digital church signs will be significantly lower than your initial investment.

Whether you choose a standard or custom frame, the logo sign can be made with any channel or with letters inserted to make it stand out more. More than half responded that the company's sign was their first exposure to its products and services. The quality, price and service provided by Signs Plus are unmatched when it comes to providing electronic signs for churches around the world.

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