Can i use powerpoint for digital signage?

Anyone can use PowerPoint to create cost-effective and engaging visual signage content. The advantage of the platform is that most schools, universities and organizations have access to PowerPoint as part of the Microsoft Office Suite and are familiar with using it. PowerPoint provides everything you need to create cutting-edge multimedia digital signage. You can create a signage presentation that shows an attractive combination of high-definition video, images, a wide range of colors, text fonts, animations, and page transition effects.

PowerPoint makes it easy for non-technical users to create digital menu boards, interactive kiosks, lobbies and retail displays. Make sure your slides are the right size to best fit your organization's screens. Nobody wants square digital signage to be played on wide-screen televisions. Whether you're a fan or an enemy of PowerPoint, you can't deny the many advantages that this presentation software offers you.

One of the most common complaints against using PowerPoint for digital signage is the lack of a content management service (CMS) that supports PowerPoint files. PowerSignage CMS makes it easy to load, schedule and view PowerPoint digital signage presentations on your TV screen. Mix and match the imported “pages” with the content of your standard PowerPoint page to create a perfect digital signage presentation with great page transition effects. Once this is done, you can change the content of your digital signage while the background and overall design remain the same.

However, the best type of digital signage includes a contactless CMS accessible from anywhere. The most important thing is that when you use PowerPoint for digital signage, you know that you'll present your content in a visually appealing way. So, using PowerPoint for digital signage in and of itself could quickly become an excellent content design tool for you. The viewer can display PowerPoint presentations on your TV without the need for a PowerPoint software license.

It is the playback software that allows the PC device to display PowerPoint digital signage presentations on your television. The digital signage solution you use can make this process really simple or time consuming. Opt for a centrally managed signage solution that has a built-in CMS, such as Ditto. Plus, if you want to make sure it looks great on the screen for digital signage, PowerPoint templates offer great designs.

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